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JoomlaJoomla CMS is an open source Content Management System designed to use the PHP/Pearl language and a MySQL Database to publish the content to your website(s). Joomla comes with easy to use graphical interface that can create, edit, update and publish the content on websites. It helps deal with website content which is totally databased driven. Joomla CMS is designed to create and manage new pages, manage site navigation and Meta contents, centralized content management with different assigned users, HTML editing and much more.With the many free and commercial extensions available, and its modular flexibility, you can add extensions to integrate stores, forums, wikis and many more into your website.

At RegionalLink, we can provide the installation and configuration of the many free and commercial Joomla CMS Templates, free and commercial Joomla CMS Extensions . for your website. Joomla CMS has been recognized as the one of the most powerful open source CMS for websites.

The CMS based sites have a front end which your website is seen by the public or your clients, a database which stores the important data of your website and an Administration Panel to manage the site. Through the Administration Panel, you can create content pages like you are creating a document in MS Word. This is a completely non-technical interface to create new pages or update existing pages without any knowledge of HMTL, JavaScript or a programming language. You can simply click create pages and a page opens which asks you to define the attributes of the page like Title of the page, Link Title for the front-end navigation menu and page content.

There are free flash and text tutorials to show you how to work with Joomla CMS and to work with the extension modules to give you greater customization and functionality. We offer with all our packages a basic project management block of time to use as you will need. We can add more time if necessary to get your project completed.

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Just follow the instructions as listed.

Free Shopping Cart Software for Joomla!
You can choose from many of the better store options available for Joomla below.

Joomla Extension eCommerce & Store Solutions:




VirtueMart Store (VM2):




hikashop ecommerce

HikaShop is an E-Commerce extension for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5. It is built for simplicity and flexibility.
HikaShop also has a wide range of marketing tools, but also powerful statistics displayable on your HikaShop dashboard to help you manage your store.
It provides advanced taxes, zones, languages and currencies management for worldwide sales as well as advanced customization capabilities of your online shop in order to meet your website ecommerce needs.

HikaShop Add-on's:


Joomla Extensions can provide specialized functionality, Joomla is highly extensible and there are thousands extension solutions to choose from
(most for free under the GPL license.

I would recommend building on an open source platform like Joomla 2.5 and using and modifying the extensions to your needs.
This will cut cost and delivery time.
Here are just some solutions that can meet your requests and are cost effective:

Several of your requests are available as extensions and don't require any custom coding, just configuration and integration to your site.