Getting Started

Starting your project.

The first place to start is the documentation on your project.

It is highly recommended that when starting a project all requests and requirements be documented.

Even if it is just a bullet points list to start.


Why and how to plan.

There are several ways to proceed


From the plan, and documentation the project can start on production.

Determine if the project is better in one phase, or can be broken into several phases.

If the project is live a Staging/Dev clone should be used.


Testing when all project elements are complete, if possible test individually, and then in total.

Make sure to document the changes, customiztions or addtions if there is a need to debug any issues in the future.


There are important items to do before you take a project Live.

Day and time to push your project Live. What time with have the least downtime, and is practical for publisher.

Welcome To RegionalLink.com Build-Manage-Train-Promote It For You

I Build It For You:
Quick Publishing, Integrated Services, SEO/SEM, Mobile Compliant, Modular.
I Manage It For You:
With CMS you can edit your site, or I can manage it for you.
I Train You On It:
I can train you on how to use your site, Visually, Online.
I Promote It For You:
Along with the free built–in SEO and SEM, we can help in marketing your website honestly and for the long term.
I can turn your website vision to website reality!
I can provide some of the best and most cost effective solutions in the market by using open source products. I can focus your budget where it needs to be in marketing and customizing your website solutions. With select products your development time and cost can be greatly reduced. These products are not proprietary and have a world wide support network.  Many have built in SEO/SEM solutions that can offset cost for those developments.

I will provide a custom detailed proposal with estimates for pricing and project completion time upon request. I can also arrange a meeting to discus what solutions will work for you.

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