Starting your project.

The first place to start is the documentation on your project.

It is highly recommended that when starting a project all requests and requirements be documented.

Even if it is just a bullet points list to start.

Make a rough list of your needs, requirements and any information that will help define your project and solutions.

There are many tools to help, from word processors to project management tools. Some are downloadable and some are on line (Cloud Based).

Consolidate and verify all your project account locations (URL’s) logins/accesses. It is important that you can access and manage your project account, and /or have the required information.

Verify that you are current with any commercial licensed products and solutions. Updating can depend on current activation of products.

With the requests and requirements determine what solutions are available, or get consultation on those solutions or recommendations.

  • Verify Your Project Accesses
  • Have Hosting Information, or Link
  • Current Platfrom, or Preferances
  • Current Theme/Termplate Design/Layout Solution
  • Current Plugins/Extensions Functions/Features
  • 3rd Party Solutions, or Integrations
  • Current SEO/SEM/SEF Reporting & Status
  • Backup Status, Project, Server, or Both
  • Security, Security Solutions, Captcha, Spam Protection
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