The first place you can start is in the “Lions Den” Google.

If you do not have an account start one, if you do, login and check out the free features that Google offers its member, they have free SEO features that you can monitor and use, or allow your consultant to help you on.
They also have a process to SEO your Sitemap when you install one, plus many others. They also have a business section for business owners. Take a look, it?s free and it is thru Google itself. I do recommend that you use your Google email (Gmail) account to use as your contact email when promoting yourself, they have great Spam filters and you can access your Google services thru this email. From these two resources you can control
70-80% of your SEM/SEO efforts.

Create or manage a Google account go to: Manage Google Accounts

Develop Google Business Services as they apply to your business products or services.

Check out Google Webmaster Tools

These are some of the free tools that are available.

Google Page Rank – To check links back to your website type in the Google Search: This will give you a list of backlinks to your website.

Google Sitemap – Add a Google sitemap to your website for best indexing of your website.

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