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I can offer various training methods and seminars to help with your understanding and learning curve on Joomla CMS and cPanel Hosting, also SEO, SEM and Google Business Services.

Once Joomla is installed and configured and ready to add your content, I will not leave you high-and-dry, I offer training by the hour at $25.00/hour – 2 hour minumum and can assist you in showing you how to add your content, along with other administration management capabilities. If you have SKYPE, I can use it for Screen Sharing, Change Presenters, Remote Control, Pause Transmission, Application Selection and File Transfer as my training tool. It is free to download and use. This is virtual training, you train visually.

I can also do custom video training tutorials for use when you have the time or as a refresher if needed.

The list is an example of developing the process to build your website and training.

Basic Objectives:
Review website basic requirements.
Review cPanel Hosting.
Create account back-up’s
Create and/or implement website business plan.
Make recommendations.
Apply and configure Extensions to execute website business plan.
Configure Sections, Categories & Articles for content.
Add images and graphics for content.
Configure Template Design & Layout.
Add any customization to code or components.
Test website and extensions.

Hosting Objectives:
Review and add Email accounts.
Review MySQL Database and MyPHPAdmin Application.
Review Website Stats Services.
Review Secondary Hosting Features.

Website Objectives:
Promote to Local/Regional – National Marketplace – Global
Informative – Intuitive – Practical Website
Content Placement & Management
eCommerce – eStore

Services Objectives:

Administrative Objectives:
Joomla Extensions Installations & Configurations
Front – Back End Administration
Membership & Administrative Access Levels
Membership – Administrative Management
Content Integration & Management
Application Setup & Integration & Management
Updating & Backup Management
Website Template Design & Layout
External Application Integration & Management
eStore Setup & Management
SEO Management
SEM Management

Joomla CMS & cPanel Training:
Set training schedule (times & days).
Set training priorities (objective list).
Build Joomla Extension list and acquire currently released extensions.
Training communication with Skype.
Simultaneous website build-out and training.
Training for Joomla and extension configuration.
Documentation and reports.
RegionalLink Weekly Schedule

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