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google, seo, sem, search engine marketinggoogle-2Google Small Business Account Creation:

This is what is included in our Google Package.

Develop Google Business Services as they apply to your business products or services.

Create Google Local Business Account, or configure your current one.

This is the list of Google options for business services.

  • AdWords
  • Local Business Center
  • Webmaster Central
  • AddSense
  • Analytics
  • Checkout
  • Website Optimizer
  • Google Site Search
  • Google Apps
  • Google Geospatial Solutions

We believe in doing the basics first, to have the most cost effective methods that take advantage of the current state of the art in SEM/SEO. There is no substitute for building a good foundation and applying long term solutions.

As you will notice we have a link to the Google Business Services, this is a free service provided by them, our package is for the setup and/or maintenance of your Google account. This account is yours, you have ownership, we just do the setup if necessary and any necessary maintenance.

Because of your unique client needs we will do a customized review of your website and marketing and can then recommend a combination of Google solutions to match your marketing and budget.